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The Pecos Classification is a chronological division of all known Ancestral Puebloans into periods based on changes in architecture, art, pottery, and cultural remains.

The original classification dates back to consensus reached at a 1927 archæological conference held in Pecos, New Mexico, which was organized by the United States archaeologist Alfred V. Although the original classification has been significantly debated and sometimes modified over the years, the split into Basketmaker and Pueblo period still serves as a basis for discussing the culture of the Ancient Puebloans of the Four Corners area.

The Sinaqua Indians built the first buildings of what is now known as Tuzigoot around A. In 1932, a survey party led by Earl Jones brought Tuzigoot to national attention. This work continued with the assistance of Federal Emergency Relief Labor, a work relief program during the Great Depression. Through the interest of local citizens, on July 25, 1939 the entire hill of Tuzigoot and its complete museum and collections was donated to the federal government by the Verde School District. Today, approximately 116,000 people every year visit Tuzigoot National Monument.

They expanded their village or pueblo until it consisted of 110 rooms, including second and third story structures.

They gathered wild foods when in season, and hunted with stone-tipped spears, atlatls, and darts.

Game included rabbits, deer, antelope, and bighorn sheep. There was a trend toward a sedentary lifestyle, with small-scale cultivation of plants beginning 1000 BC.

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Cultivation begins of beans, available due to trade from Central America, and edible due to slow cooking in pottery vessels. People of this period may have domesticated turkeys.

Little evidence for extensive habitation before 8000 BC exists.

From evidence near Navajo Mountain, they were nomadic people, hunter-gatherers traveling in small bands.

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The prototype kivas were large, round, and subterranean.

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