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'Happy Endings' may be a sitcom about 30-something friends and their love lives, but it's no 'Friends' knock-off. But now is the perfect time to just take the plunge. If you think winter is the most beautiful season of all: 'Frozen Planet.' Celebrate the wonder and majesty of the colder parts of the Earth in the acclaimed BBC docu-series.

And Shonda Rhimes has repeatedly stated that she has no tolerance for working with “a--holes.” “I like the fact that we all get along,” Rhimes recently said of the actors on her shows. If you're not happy, then you are in the wrong place.” Still, ABC maintains that Patrick Dempsey’s exit was a mutual decision, not a firing. Shonda decided that was the way to go.” But whether or not Patrick Dempsey was fired from , Derek’s death will still resonate in future episodes.

If you're even later to the party: 'Stranger Things.' You probably didn't make it through the summer (or Halloween) without hearing about the paranormal Netflix show.

If you haven't quite gotten around to watching yet, now's your perfect chance.

It's the kind of colorful, heart-warming and family-oriented story we're used to seeing from Pixar.

But if one Pixar film is not enough for you, fear not.

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