Pastor rules for dating daughter ryan corr and gabrielle scollay dating

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Pastor rules for dating daughter

They literally said that as my spiritual authority, if I did not cease being with him, they would remove him from all service (he sung in choir, taught Sunday School, ushered, and drove the bus). The tattoo issue although it was mosaic law it has a principal value, our bodies are God Temple and so we don't desecrate His temple.

It is one of those Areas of sin that does not lead unto death like sexual sins etc...

Family rules simplify explanations, clarify expectations, and create a safe environment for your children and their friends.

We have our list of family rules taped to the refrigerator.

Every Sunday, he drove the bus and bought treats for all the "bus kids" (what they call children from low-income homes) He also taught a Sunday School class and loved and invested in those kids. If you are new here, be sure to subscribe by email or feed reader so that you don't miss any future posts.You can also check out the Top Posts page to get a feel for the site. Every home should have its own set of family rules.The only response I had was, "Hey, ever hear of a guy named David? They called him "Brother" and had him over for Sunday dinner. Three months later, the day before our wedding, my "best friend" who had introduced my husband and I, who was to be my bridesmaid, texted me and backed out. My family was still warming up to him at the wedding. I would very much like to challenge some IFB family members but am quite sure they would just deny this belief is part of their system. Thank you for doing what you are to help bring truth to the church. Because of their reaction to me and what I see as their rank judgmentalism and hypocrisy I never been back inside a church. read some of these testimonials and everyone has a ring of truth to what is being shared.He did some pretty messed up stuff, but God said he was a man after His own heart." This man (my now-husband)'s horrible sin? He was the outcast "visitor" who was just now becoming spiritual (though he had a successful career and was a kind, loyal, compassionate man). Both of my sisters still attend the IFB college and basically everyone I've ever known is IFB. I'm sharing this site with my sister, who is currently still trapped at the IFB college and hates every minute of it, but is helpless to go anywhere else. This isn't so much a testimonial as it is a question. They're pretty relaxed but I notice the Pastor seems to have some odd twists on theology. I'd really appreciate your help in finding source documents that are not just undocumented sentences in a blog... Kathy Heisleman Dear Steve, I just loved your post(s) exposing the tithing doctrine (extortion). The dogmas that are drenched in sarcasm is neither a spirit of meekness that is required when we share scriptural tenets.

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My husband and I are still healing and it makes me sick to my stomach with guilt to even write this, but it helps at the same time.