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Ds chat rooms no sign up

Jealousy is not in my character and I held firmly to the belief that Hattie was in control of her emotions.’Le Mesurier found it increasingly hard to cope with the situation and flew to Tangiers for a break.

On his return home a month later, things had become even more strained.It was only after she declared openly her love for his rival, that Le Mesurier realised he had lost his wife to her younger boyfriend.The final straw came when Schofield moved into the master bedroom, moving Le Mesurier’s belongings into a loft room. A chance introduction at The Establishment, a drinking club owned by comedian Peter Cook, was to pave the way for Le Mesurier and Hattie’s divorce.Away from the wards of the Carry On films, Hattie was defiantly unconventional and pursued a colourful existence quite at odds with the roles she played – and with the drab monotony of a country still struggling to recover from the Second World War.Yet a new BBC film has revealed that, for all her apparent confidence and charm, there was one man who broke Hattie’s heart – a toyboy who callously rejected her, throwing her into despair.

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It was Hattie to whom Schofield turned after the death of the four-year-old in May 1963. When you have a sick child, you handle it in different ways.

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