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The number of times an article has been cited by individual mainstream news sources, blog post, or member of Google along with a link to the original article or post.News articles, blog posts and Google posts do not always link to articles in a way that can be picked up by aggregators used by Altmetric, so the listed links are not necessarily a reflection of the entire scope of media, blog or Google interest.He practiced law for 5 years before deciding to live life away from a desk.

Focusing on the critical Battle of New Orleans, the twice daily Historical Cruise is narrated by one of our three knowledgeable guides.Altmetric calculates a score based on the online attention an article receives.Each coloured thread in the circle represents a different type of online attention and the number in the centre is the Altmetric score.Bernard Parish (where she grew up) on board the Creole Queen as a part-time historical narrator.When Christyn is not on board, she is busy with her presidency of the Caledonian Society of New Orleans, a Scottish heritage group, is incoming regent for a Louisiana Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, and serves as church leader to a nursing home and a retirement community twice a month through her Episcopal church.

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He continues to give guest lectures at local universities.

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  5. The number of times an article has been cited by individual mainstream news sources, blog post, or member of Google along with a link to the original article or post.

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