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Never, ever, please and tell.” Miss Morgan laughed and then caught herself. “But, before you reject me, keep in mind I will never tell. You know that I always strive to do the best at everything I do.” I slipped my foot out of my shoe and allowed my foot to slide up my teacher’s leg.This startled her, but as I hoped, she did not move away or ask me to stop. I reached for my purse and pulled out a piece of paper.

I agreed, “Yes, Mistress Karen has been giddy all week with the thought of your seduction.” “Oh my God,” Miss Morgan gasped, “Karen knows about this too?

I wanted to call her, but really had no idea what to say.

How do you attempt to have a normal conversation the day after such a night of naughty and yet romantic sex?

I felt something more than just pleasure, something more than just the heat of the moment, something completely different and foreign.

I couldn’t explain it, or quantify it, but none the less it was embedded deep in my heart.

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That said, you only need to read part 3 to learn the set-up of her seduction of her teacher that she completes in this chapter.