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Tonight is a “happy hour” at my condo complex. I’ve got a couple bottles of nice beer to try and I’m taking a bottle of Castries (a peanut rum liqueur) to my parents.Last weekend Marshall and I had a couple of drinks out of the Food & Wine guide – I plan on blogging those here soon, along with the drink I came up with at a party (named for a guy whose name was Adam, so I called it the Adam Bomb). I’d love to see if I can get through all 150 cocktails in the Food & Wine book.Next up was another gin and tonic. This time I tried the Old Raj, blue label, with the Fever-Tree tonic. That was quite good. There’s another label (red, I believe) of Old Raj, but the blue is stronger and I wanted more of the taste to shine.Around this time we got our food. The ham & cheese croquettes were awesome, as were the truffle fries. I also got the pickled herring (MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE) and I loved it. Honestly – I think it was the best pickled herring I’ve had. To be completely honest, I’ve only had it a couple of other times but I think it was better than it was at Aquavit.I have tasted a difference in even the “super premium” ones, I believed. There was a vodka tasting at a liquor store in DC we hit on our way between a trip to Bourbon and to a Young Republicans room party (don’t ask). I can’t remember the exact brands but I definitely felt there was a slight difference between the two.As part of the usual retinue of websites I review each day, I hit The Consumerist as I tried to distract myself from the drudgery of cube life in corporate America. One of their lead articles is “All Vodka is Pretty Much the Same”, linked from a Business Week article.

The other vodkas I have are all flavored. Vanilla Absolut for a drink I came up with last year, black cherry Smirnoff for replicating a drink I had at Clare & Don’s, Absolut Kurrant that I bought simply for the bottle, horseradish-infused Fris for a recipe from .Jake had been hanging out with us and had been waiting on a complimentary Aviation for a while but finally needed to leave. Just after he left it came up so Marshall and I polished it off. I’d had a Rogue Spruce gin and Schweppe’s before that and needed to clear some of the taste out of my mouth; it wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t something I particularly go for. Kind of like how a really peaty Scotch might not be everyone’s cup of tea.The final drink of the bar for me was a martini – I’m a huge martini fan, I’ve found. And it was good. Marshall had a champagne cocktail of some sort.We've teamed up with glassware experts, Dartington Crystal, to give away the perfect glasses for your Gin & Tonics Buy 2 promotional packs of 4x200ml Indian or Naturally Light Tonic to claim your free pair of bespoke branded crystal glasses.Specially marked 4 packs will appear in shops nationwide in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! Which is why co-founders Charles and Tim have travelled to some of the most remote, beautiful (and dangerous) regions of the world to source the highest quality natural flavours from small specialist suppliers.

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